Joomla Tutorial for Version 2.5

Metadata Information

Your metadata is set to automatically populate depending on the different types of content around your site.  For specific landing pages this meta information can be populated using sh404SEF, which you can find in Administrator > Components > sh404SEF.

This is a very powerful component which can very easily create broken links in the web site, so tread carefully. To edit the metadata for a page select the “URL manager”, filter for the page that you want, click on the page link, and you will see a series of boxes for entering the following information:


Your meta description tag is effectively a mini sales letter to encourage someone to click on your listing within a search engine, as this will be your page’s description when it appears in Google. You should try to start it with your main keyword phrase and then either work it in again or use your secondary keyword phrase. A well written description will increase your click-throughs. This tag should be around 200 characters.


You should just enter the main keywords you are optimising that page for. Do not stuff this tag with keywords or you could get penalised by Google and other search engines. Ideally use only 5-7 keywords per page which are short phrases separated by commas. This tag is also great for entering any common mis-spellings of your keywords. Try to keep it under 150 characters.


This usually shows in the tab on your web browser for the page you are viewing.  It is also very important for search engines. Google also often use the Title as the heading of their listing. Keep it to usually less than 70 characters, including your main search term for the page.

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