Joomla Tutorial for Version 2.5

Logging In and User Activities

Logging in at the front end allows you to edit existing articles, but other functionality will be limited e.g. you cannot change menu structures here. To do more in depth editing you will need to log in at the back end.

Front End User Activities & Permissions

Front end:  Log in via the user Login box (If applicable) that will be displayed somewhere on your web site.

Below is a table of the Joomla User Types and their capabilities.  Various User Types have different levels of access.

User Type

Access Level


View Pages


Can log in after registration. Can access pages that unregistered users cannot see if content is set up that way.


All rights of ‘registered’ user, plus...Can submit a web link and content to the site (if applicable to your site), but this is not published until accepted by the administrator.


All rights of ‘Author’, plus...
Can edit existing pages on the site.


All rights of ‘Editor’, plus...
Can submit news stories and web links for publication without authorisation.

Back End User Activities & Permissions

Administrator Back end: Log in at:

Below is a table of the admin User Types and their functions.  Various User Types have different levels of access.

User Type

Access level


Can log in to the back or the front end.  Has all rights in the front end, and in the back end can also modify menu items.  Can administer users in the back end.


All rights of ‘manager’ user, plus...
Can add or remove modules and core components of the site.

Super Administrator

All rights throughout the system, including global configuration. This permission should only be given to trusted users with technical skills.

User Activities

No log in is required for general public viewing of your site. If the administrator chooses to give a user higher levels of authority such as “Author” “Editor” or “Publisher”, that user can then add or edit content on the site. They will have the ability to delete articles so this authority should only be given to a trusted person.

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