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Many of the more "hip" web types who have got bored with Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Linkedin or eCademy are now raving about Twitter, as the latest funkiest thing for a nerdy type to be involved in.

And we do - I exchange pleasantries regularly with other Twits, usually the same people with whom I exchange similar pleasantries via most of the other online networking, um networks.

Like all things successful Twitter is no longer immune to the spammers, hence this entertaining post on ZD Net about people developing a way of spamming you via Twitter:

Now the main lessons of the story are this:
1. Its OK to use twitter, its quite fun and if you haven't tried it you don't know what everyone is talking about.
2. Don't automatically "follow" everyone that "follows" you (you'll see what I mean if you get in there).
3. Twitter remains rather pointless. You can get some followers knowing what you are doing (aka Stephen Fry ). If you use it to post links to your web site they don't pass any real "link juice" or advantage to the site. However if you have thousands of followers then some real visitor traffic could find its way through.
4. Some are claiming "monetisation" strategies for Twitter, but perhaps that is only these new spammers!

Anyway get tweeting - its fun

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