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This post is to share a fantastic example of how high quality content in a blog or web site can propel a company's site to the top of Google....

The story is now a well documented one, about a resourceful chap called Cameron Olthuis, who wrote an article so good that it propelled his company to the top of the Google rankings for one of the more competitive key-phrases on the web - "Life Insurance". The sales impact of a strategy like this could potentially be measured in the millions, and the strategy is as easy to implement for a samrt small business as it is for a multi-national corporation.

Please read and enjoy this Forbes article, and remember its key message which might be paraphrased as "Content is King"!

Digg this headline - "If you visited the news site on Tuesday afternoon, you likely spotted quirky news stories chosen by the site's largely 18- to 24-year-old male audience, including 'Woman Steals Man's Genitals' and 'Mother Gives Birth Then Flushes Twins Down Toilet.' But an audience of search marketers examining Digg at a conference the same day saw something else: a goldmine of lucrative Web traffic. 'Social media' sites like Digg, and let users submit and rank news headlines and other links to sites around the Web.

Sites voted to the top of these news aggregators receive tens of thousands of visitors. But the online marketing professionals gathered at New York's Search Marketing Expo this week were interested in tapping into a different feature of these sites: their growing power to affect Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) and Yahoo!'s (nasdaq: YHOO- news - people ) search results. Take, for instance, an example provided by one of the conference's speakers, Cameron Olthuis. In January, Olthuis was hired by to tackle what many would see as an impossible project: sparking a viral marketing campaign around the topic of life insurance. Olthuis' solution? He created a page on LifeInsure's site listing '19 Things You Probably Don't Know About Death,' and posted it to Digg."

Read how it went here....

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