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Choosing high quality directories to list your website on is an important first step to raising your visibility online.  Google uses this in their algorithms to help rank your website and of course this will also help direct more people to your business.  There are several things that you need to consider:

google bing

  1. Only choose quality directories.  You may ask what a quality directory is?  There are a number of well-known directories that I have listed below and you should start with these.  Others are likely to be niche directories in your local area or business speciality.  Ask yourself if you would use a particular website directory yourself to find a business?  Is it easy to use and well presented?  Don’t just put your website on any directory as this can actually penalize you in the eyes of google.  If the directory looks good, is providing useful information and is easy to use – go for it!
  2. How do I find these directories?  I recommend to start locally and look for your particular niche.  Are you a member of any networking or support groups?  You will find that many of these have their own directory that you can submit your details to.  Do a google search for things like ‘YOUR SERVICE directory’.  Google is very smart at showing you local results so you will hopefully find directories that are local to your area.  Or specify your search with an area eg. ‘YOUR SERVICE directory LOCATION’.  You could also google something like ‘business directory YOUR LOCATION’.  
  3. Be consistent.  When you add your information into the directory be consistent with ALL your details.  This is taken into account by googles ranking algorithms and adds to your online authority. 

There are a three type of directories:

  1. Free directory
  2. Directory that that requests a reciprocal link back to their site
  3. Paid directory

I would recommend concentrating on the first type; free directories.  Unless there is clear evidence that the other two will bring you direct traffic and consequently extra business.

Recommended directories:

  1. Google Business 
  2. Bing 
  3. Yelp
  4. Facebook
  5. Yellow Pages
  6. Thomson Local

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