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According to HubSpot, Companies that blog at least 20 times per month get 5 times more traffic than those that blog only a few times per month.

So that's one new blog per working day we should all be producing.

That’s not as tough as it might sound. Really.

Make it a team effort

To spread the load, you should try to get your whole team involved. They can then help create good original content for your website about their own areas of expertise – which is a whole lot less scary than being asked to write things you don’t know quite so much about.

Getting your team to blog also gives them the chance to share what they know (making them experts in their field), and rather brilliantly, at the same time it shows your customers (and potential customers!) how clued up you are on the complete range of products and services you offer. This then gives them the confidence to trust you enough to do business with you.

You might think this is probably a bit more of a challenge if you’re self employed, or you just have a small team. So it’s quite possible that you don’t actually have the luxury of time to do all this extra work, alongside actually doing your, err, day job.

But there are ways around this too.

Guest bloggers

You should consider inviting guest bloggers to contribute to your website. This is a really easy way to create exciting new and original content.

With the growth in so-called ‘content marketing’ that we’re currently seeing, there should be plenty of people eager to submit relevant copy, normally in return for links back to their own websites or blogs. Which is only fair as everyone wins in this scenario.

Don't sacrifice the quality of your content

But as a small word of warning, you should of course always check the quality of their content and their writing. You should also check out the website you’re linking the article to, making sure it’s relevant to your own business area or you may find yourself penalised on Google who like to see lots of great links between good websites in the same subject area.

Keep your titles snappy, your content interesting

You should also try to make all your posts as interesting as you can - especially the title. Churning out blog post after blog post which doesn't offer anything of particular value, will not really help increase your traffic, as people will simply stop looking. Instead, find new things to say and new things to talk about, with snappy titles to get people hooked.

All that leaves me to say is you should stop thinking about it and just get on with it. With a bit of practice, this should become second nature and just another part of your search engine optimisation.



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