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Most of us are stuck with Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, Word and Excel, and we mostly use them every day, for better or for worse! This is a bug in Outlook 2007 that has caused some consternation on the help forums, with no obvious assistance or fix from Microsoft.

The Message that comes up is an error when you try to open an outlook email message, saying there is a problem with 'ribbon_getdcvisible'. This page describes the simple fix for this problem.

Office & OS Versions:

This information refers specifically to Office 2007, Outlook 2007 and Access 2007 on Windows XP SP2.Assumptions:

The assumption is that you have a functional XP SP2 computer with Office 2007 (full version, not the Beta) working on it. The problem is caused when you try to use the features that integrate Access with Outlook, using the functionlaity to set up


Error message ribbon_getdcvisible when you try to open an outlook email

The problem is caused by an Add-in in Outlook. All you have to do to fix this is:

  • Go to the Outlook 2007 menu, select Tools, Trust Centre, and Add-Ins. In the Add in list you should see the Microsoft Access add-in for data-collection and publishing
  • Next click on the Trusted Publishers Tab, and remove Microsoft from the list of trusted publishers.
  • Close and re-open Outlook and you will be prompted that there are Add-ins from a non-trusted publisher.
  • Disable all the addins.
  • Close and re-open outlook and you will be promted again. This time you can select to trust all add-ins from this publisher (Microsoft), and all the add-ins will be re-enabled.
  • The error message 'ribbon_getdcvisible' on opening the email messages should at this point have gone away.

Logic? No. Well documented? No. Works? Seems to. Good luck!


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