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GPS Repeaters is a Cornwall based company, with whom we have worked in partnership since our earliest days.  Of particular interest with the new generation website, we have used Wordpress with one of our new generation Channel "LFT" Templates.  These templates are designed to give lightning-fast websites, which in turn lead to an enhanced user experience, lower bounce rates and improved visitor retention.  Also importantly they give better SEO, with page load speed being an important Google ranking factor.

Other Features of the web project include:

  • Responsive Design (LFT Template)
  • YSlow score  91%
  • Pagespeed Score 96%
  • Page load time 1-3 seconds
  • Social Media integration
  • Facebook Opengraph Meta and Twitter Cards
  • Blogging
  • SEO Support
  • Google Adwords Support

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Some words from GPS Repeaters Managing Director - Phil Whitting:

My company’s website has been designed, hosted and managed by Channel Digital for several years, and was more than adequate for the job. The base platform evolved over time from Joomla 1.5 to 3.0, and I had virtually unrestricted access to the content via the Content Management System (CMS).
This meant that I could change more or less anything without having to ask someone to do it for me, so when I had a news item or needed to update a product page, it was simply a case of logging in and using the WYSIWYG editor to make the changes.

Eventually we outgrew the capacity of the Joomla template; it simply became a bit unwieldy for the amount of new products we were introducing, so it was time to make a change. My discussions with Channel Digital led me to a point where I had to make a decision based on three options:

  1. Redesign the existing profile to make it look better and rearrange the content to suit the template (labour-intensive, didn’t address the underlying issue)
  2. Select and download a more up to date Joomla template and start over (could easily copy over all the existing content to the new template, so fairly quick and cost-effective)
  3. Commission a brand new site, built specifically for me on a custom-built WordPress platform.

Option 1 was discounted for the reason stated above.
Option 2 was discounted because Option 3 was so attractive!

I chose option 3 because ultimately it made the best business sense. Luke, a web developer at Channel Digital, committed to creating a site that not only looked good and was easy for visitors to navigate, it would be a Google-pleaser in every possible aspect.

In the end it only took about 2 months from initial concept meeting to sign-off. It was designed from the ground-up to be stylish, responsive, fast-loading and overall impressive to the visitor.
After all the content was transferred over from the original site it was just a matter of getting used to the new WordPress CMS – what a joy that is!

The site has always been content-rich and ranks highly for paid and unpaid search, partly due to the narrow niche we operate in. We now enjoy more enquiries than we did before the switchover, and visitors stay on the site much longer.

Phil Whitting - Managing Director
View the GPS Repeaters Website

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