WordPress Multisite – is it right for my business?  

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What is a WordPress Multisite?

wordpress multisite

A network of websites that uses the same WordPress installation - core files, database, themes and plugins.  Run from a central dashboard, but with the ability to create and manage websites individually, the overall management and maintenance of the system is streamlined and very efficient.   

A multisite is ideal if the websites within it are for the same organisation or their representatives. They are especially useful where the cost of setting up and managing separate but similar website installations is prohibitive.

If your websites are for completely different organisations, have very different purposes, or have specific technical or legal requirements, you should consider separate installations for each website. 

Running a Great WordPress Website with Channel Digital

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secure websiteIf you are running WordPress websites you probably already know about the exceptional value for money they offer (the code is free, hosting so reasonably priced), when compared to any enterprise CMS system. 

You probably know too about the flexibility that the huge community of plugins that make WordPress (and comparable Open Source platforms Joomla and Drupal), the most flexible that there are.  After all, where else can you get hundreds of popular shopping carts, community forums, calendars, or galleries, all completely free of charge?

But despite its benefits even a WordPress site is not a free pass – you still need to look after it like a responsible web citizen, if you want to provide your customers with an exceptional user experience.

How to Content Market Successfully

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content marketing 4111003 640Let’s be honest here.  How many people enjoy being marketed to? 

Do you ever feel stalked when adverts follow you around on your social channels, or flash up on websites you visit?  How much does this turn you off that brand?

Conversely, what about the brand that is always offering free resources, knowledgeable information or fun and interactive content? 

Which brand are you more likely to purchase from when you are ready to buy?

Understanding this must be the key to defining your content marketing strategy and plan.  It should always be about adding value and never about straightforward selling your services or products.  Of course, your objectives still need to be met, but you will meet them so much quicker if you  build the relationship and trust first, before thinking about that conversion, or sale. 

Before you launch into a content marketing plan, it is worth defining your strategy and objectives.  Below is an overview of how to approach this, and a few tools to get you started or review your existing approach:

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